Custom EMS and Refrigeration Control Panels

TESCO can provide custom Refrigeration and EMS control/monitoring panels for your next new construction or renovation project. In the case of a renovation project, TESCO will begin with a survey of the existing building and design project-specific control panels to coordinate with the existing or new EMS, A&E drawings, and construction phasing. Using TESCO panels can improve continuity between projects and installation reliability. Examples of TESCO panel features include:

  • Remote EMS control and monitoring panels.
  • Remote refrigeration and defrost control panels.
  • Built using client specifications or TESCO recommended design elements.
  • Coordinate panel design with TESCO or 3rd party refrigeration or EMS designs.
  • Maximized percent utilization of components.
  • Standardized components.
  • Designed for flexibility.
  • UL listed assemblies.

To learn more about how TESCO can assist with your next project, please contact us via phone or email.